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Bottling Services

Vintage Bottlers Ltd

Bespoke Bottling Services

From the brand creation to the final bottle. It's a great time to start your bottling journey.

There are probably as many reasons for wishing to own a cask of single malt Scotch whisky as there are varieties to choose from. At any one time, there are well over 100 licensed distilleries in the length and breadth of Scotland producing the unique spirit that is drunk and collected, loved and respected the world over.
For over a decade, our sister company ‘Vintage Acquisitions’ has been working with both private and commercial clients to source, manage through to maturity, and ultimately realise the enhanced value of the whisky. At a time when top quality, aged and often rare whiskies have emerged not only as superb examples of the distiller’s art, to make superlative drinking, but also to serve as an exciting, profitable and safe investment opportunity.
Vintage Bottlers was formed to become a market leading independent bottler who has searched the very best whisky Scotland has produced, past and present. We bottle exceptional spirit from world famous distilleries as single cask expressions and blend our own favourite styles, offering them to our deserving clients and afar.
With cask sizes commencing at the Quarter Barrel, realising 125 litres, moving through the Hogshead with double that capacity, to the rare Madeira Drum containing a mighty 650 litres. Even allowing for the angels share which reduces yield over the long years in the warehouse, very few clients ever wish to take their whisky home in the wood. The solution? Vintage Bottlers.
This division of the company increasingly works with individuals and companies to bottle the mature whisky in a bespoke manner, tailored to every detail of the client’s requirements; from large-scale corporate gifts to a case of something very special for a new-born grandchild to enjoy or profit from in the years to come. The Vintage Bottlers team of specialists is with the client every step of the way; from choosing the style of bottle, helping to design the label, advising on maximising sales opportunities for individual bottles or collections, and offering our considerable marketing expertise and contacts in many areas of the whisky and investment fields.
This is a turnkey consultancy service.

Our in-house team of designers, sourcers and consultants have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. The team can hand hold you through your bottling journey.

Our team’s market experience stretches to the early 2000’s. Our extensive knowledge of the whisky market and relationships we’ve built over the years has put our sourcing of all things whisky, right at the forefront of the market.

We have helped and advised many independent bottlers and private clients to bottle their whisky and get their products to market. Our simple yet effective approach never disappoints.

They said


Vintage Bottlers has made our first bottling experience a pleasure. From start to finish they have been informative and our finished bottles are a dream.

Sonya Garner

I was recommended to Vintage Bottlers through a colleague as I had acquired a number of whisky bottles over the years. They fetched a fair price online so looking forward to supplying the next batch.

Michael Rogers

My cask produced 315 bottles which I have recently sold via their website. VB's extensive knowledge of the market, consultancy and marketing options allowed me to sell all bottles in no time!

John Wilson

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