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Leaving a legacy

Your Gift

Vintage Bottlers can provide the perfect bespoke bottling service for any occasion.

If you have a cask already or need to buy a cask for bottling purposes, then please speak to a member of our team. Below are four noble reasons why you may choose to bottle a cask.

The Angel’s Share does have its benefits as it shows that the whisky is interacting with the air around it. This, as well as the barrels, gives a more flavoursome profile to the liquid. Many of our clients buy casks to celebrate the birth of a loved one. This is a great way to invest for their future. Vintage Bottlers sister company 'Vintage Acquisitions' has access to a vast selection of whisky barrels and provides storage and insurance free of charge for 5 years.

Corporate Gifting is a great way of giving and showing thanks to your employees or clients on a number of different occasions. The Vintage Bottlers teams can work with you to produce the perfect gift(s). We'll design and source the rarest whiskies from our vast stock of Scotish whiskies which will provide memories and unique experiences.

Happy birthday or enjoy your retirement. Thanks for everything or put this away for your pension. Well done or be happy in your new home. A bottle of aged single malt whisky makes a wonderful present on many occasions, all the more so when it is uniquely personalised.

Vintage Bottlers bespoke bottling service provides you with the opportunity to strengthen your brand. Many of clients decide to store their own whisky in their favourite haunts or as an owner you may just want to promote your brand that extra mile. Vintage Bottlers can help.

They said


Vintage Bottlers has made our first bottling experience a pleasure. From start to finish they have been informative and our finished bottles are a dream.

Sonya Garner

I was recommended to Vintage Bottlers through a colleague as I had acquired a number of whisky bottles over the years. They fetched a fair price online so looking forward to supplying the next batch.

Michael Rogers

As a client of Vintage Acquisitions for the past 5 years I decided to bottle my cask and sell to the open market. My cask produced 315 bottles which I have recently sold via their website. VB's extensive knowledge of the market, consultancy and marketing options allowed me to sell all bottles in no time!

John Wilson

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