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Macallan tasting by Gordon Coxhill

Macallan tasting by Gordon Coxhill

Colour: Dark caramel – providing a strong hint of the ‘bigness’ to come.
Nose: A nose-filling melange of sweet toffee and toasted grains with just a hint of smoke.
Palate: A gloriously rich, archetypal Macallan….and then some. The fat, oaty smokiness is balanced by a touch of background sweetness that provides a deeply satisfying, fully-rounded complexity.
Finish: Long and smooth, with subtle dark chocolate notes.
Gordon’s verdict: If there was ever a feeling that vatted malts were secondary whiskies, this offering should dispel that view for ever. This is a superb, flavour-packed dram that conjures up the lone stag on the hill, the piper on the castle wall, the ghillie casting his line over the silk-smooth pool in search of the elusive salmon.

WOWGR No: 389 5455 36 0001
AWRS reference number: XRAW00000117829
VAT number: 389545536
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