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There are probably as many reasons for wishing to own a cask of single malt Scotch whisky as there are varieties to choose from. At any one time, there are well over 100 licensed distilleries the length and breadth of Scotland producing the unique spirit that is drunk and collected, loved and respected the world over. For over a decade, our sister company ‘Vintage Acquisitions’ have been working with both private and commercial clients to source, manage through to maturity, and ultimately realise the enhanced value of the whisky at a time when top quality, aged and often rare whiskies have emerged not only as superb examples of the distiller’s art, to make superlative drinking, but also to serve as an exciting, profitable and safe investment opportunity.

The Secret Series Collection

The Regions

Our upcoming rare cask series collection, ‘The Regions’, will take you on a sensory journey through Scotland’s 6 whisky producing regions. Although not an official region, we have included the Islands as we believe some of the whisky produced there adds a profile not experienced elsewhere. We have thoroughly enjoyed the meticulous process of research, tasting and acquiring the casks to create the collection. We feel the chosen whiskies all encompass the distinct characteristics that each region has to offer. We strongly believe there is a whisky for everyone, so whether you’re a lover of the peaty, smokey whisky of Islay, or the sweet and fruity flavours from the Highlands and Speyside, you’ll be sure to find a whisky you love, and possibly a new favourite to add to your collection.

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