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Secret Series no.1 tasting by Gordon Coxhill

Secret Series no.1 tasting by Gordon Coxhill

Colour: New cut hay

Nose: Dark chocolate and mountain coffee beans against a background of antiseptic iodine

Palate: Dark forest fruits flambe, burnt caramel

Finish: Menthol with hints of liquorice

It is very unusual for a Highland whisky, and certainly betrays its coastal origin. There is a deep warmth on the palate which had me thinking this may just burn as it goes down, but no, it is as smooth as silk, and what I describe as menthol, gives an impression of coolness.

By Gordon Coxhill, Whisky Enthusiast & Journalist

WOWGR No: 389 5455 36 0001
AWRS reference number: XRAW00000117829
VAT number: 389545536
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