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It is hardly surprising that the whisky selected for Vintage Bottlers’ debut offering should be among the most complex of single malts. Distilled on the coast in the Nothern reaches of the Highland region, this 30-year-old rendition of a spirit that has proudly borne its label on the bottle for 200 years, combines the very best of its topical tradition with a powerful Maritime influence. Strange to think that such a revered name in the long annals of Scotch whisky should only exist because in the early 19th century, an English nobleman married into top-drawer Scottish aristocracy and founded a distillery in 1819 merely to find a profitable use for the barley grown on his estate, and to deliver a knockout blow to the local moonshiners.

They said


Vintage Bottlers has made our first bottling experience a pleasure. From start to finish they have been informative and our finished bottles are a dream.

Sonya Garner

I was recommended to Vintage Bottlers through a colleague as I had acquired a number of whisky bottles over the years. They fetched a fair price online so looking forward to supplying the next batch.

Michael Rogers

My cask produced 315 bottles which I have recently sold via their website. VB's extensive knowledge of the market, consultancy and marketing options allowed me to sell all bottles in no time!

John Wilson

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