Mortlach 26 Year Old
Mortlach 26 Year Old
Mortlach 26 Year Old
Mortlach 26 Year Old
Mortlach 26 Year Old

Mortlach 26 Year Old

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Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – 26 Years Aged

Spirit strength: 52.2%
Cask strength: Yes
Single Cask: Yes - Lafite Barrique Cask
Distilled: 02/06/1997
Bottle size: 700ml
Distillery: Mortlach
Being sold by: Adversum
Total bottles: 120
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Tasting Notes

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Today, the distillery’s own bottlings carry a small blue sticker on the front of the bottle. ‘Inspired by the illustrious original,’ it states, ‘that was made for a fortunate few'. Truly. The capacity in the earliest days of production amounted to 50 gallons a week, which were sold direct from the still in small casks to the even smaller number of local gentry who could afford the princely sum of 9 shillings a gallon.

Post-1823’s Excise Act, an illicit still in Dufftown transformed Mortlach into the region’s first legal distillery. By the late 19th century, under George Cowie and engineer Charles Doig, it underwent expansion, doubling production and connecting directly to Dufftown via railway. William Grant, an employee, later founded Glenfiddich.

Soon, Mortlach reached international markets like the US, India, and China. Significant innovations came when George’s son, Dr. Alexander, joined. An engineer, he developed a unique 2.81 distillation process with distinctive stills. Paired with wooden worm-tub condensers, this birthed a robust whisky known as the “Beast of Dufftown”, excelling in prolonged maturation, notably in sherry casks.

In 1925, ownership passed to Distillers Co. Ltd, which in time became Diageo, and since that time Mortlach has been a major component of the various Johnnie Walker iterations. Today, capacity is 2.9 million litres a year, and the award-winning whisky is available - and not only to the gentry - the world over. We are proud to offer it as two releases in the ground-breaking Adversum range.


Ancient to medieval cosmologists used Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to explain the universe. Modern science has refined these views, but the four Elements remain essential to life.


Take one atom of oxygen. Add two atoms of hydrogen. The result is H20. Water. Life. Available to us in its three forms of solid, liquid and gas, water is the vital fluid of all known living organisms. Watch the withering plant revive, see the Sahara turn green after a rainstorm, note the Marathon runner grasp the cup from an outstretched hand. Little wonder that the Scots Gaels called their spirit uisge beatha; the water of life. Two distilleries can share the shadow of the same tall trees, source their barley from the same fields, yet the whisky will reveal very different characteristics should its water hail from a different burn. Science can only partially explain how the distillation of fermented barley and water in a singularly-shaped kettle can result in the gloriously complex spirit we know as malt whisky. Alchemy does the rest, and for its unknown ways, we are grateful.

Colour: Forest honey.

Nose: Tantalising, oddly enticing petrol fumes to the fore, closely followed by stewed prunes.

Palate: Set against the trademark Speyside toasted grain backdrop, this 26-year-old rendition, raised in a 225-litre barrique which previously held that superlative Bordeaux Lafitte, a generous slab of treacle toffee quickly fills the mouth. Discerning taste buds will then glean oat cookies studded with currants. The robust flavour palette generates some pleasing warmth.

Finish: A long, mellow finish with evidence of the fine wine that was the whisky’s companion for so many years.

Overall comment: This is a BIG whisky whose full flavour and natural heat could doubtless hold its own against a chicken madras! Customary Mortlach excellence, coupled with the fine Bordeaux, render this a premium malt of the highest order which will come into its own in the bleak midwinter.

By Whisky Enthusiast & Journalist

Mortlach Distillery,
Keith, Dufftown
1st Fill Single Lafite Barrique Cask