Whisky Cask Ownership

Want to Own a Whisky Cask?

Welcome to the ultimate locale for making your cask choice. Selecting a cask is a remarkable experience that will create enduring memories. We recognise that your reasons for investing in a whisky cask may differ: 

1. Celebrating a momentous event 
2. Creating a standout business gift 
3. Launching your very own whisky label 
4. Realising your long-held dream of possessing your own cask as a whisky aficionado 

You can trust us to manage all the details, from careful scrutiny of paperwork to guaranteeing you obtain a distinct, high-quality Scottish whisky that is exclusively yours.



Lately, barrels of whisky from prestigious distilleries have garnered record-breaking sums at auction events. As worldwide interest in these barrels increases, the supply stays relatively unchanged. Meeting this escalating demand with new production of single malt whisky will require a significant amount of time. Therefore, if you're considering buying a barrel, the timing is essential. The supply of available barrels is highly limited, and they are often quickly snapped up.

Blue-chip Distilleries

Owning a barrel is a dream come true for any whisky aficionado. It provides an exclusive opportunity to possess a full barrel of whisky from the distillery you love the most. At Vintage Bottlers, our selection spans a broad array of barrels. Whether you're partial to Macallan, Bunnahabhain, Ardmore, or Mortlach, we are pleased to feature barrels from more than 25 renowned distilleries covering all key whisky-producing areas.

Storage & Provenance

With our HMRC-issued WOWGR certificate (Departmental Trader Registration Number: 389 5455 36 0001), we are authorised to safely store cask whisky in a carefully vetted and approved Scottish excise warehouse. Vintage Bottlers has storage facilities across various HMRC-approved distilleries in Scotland.

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