Our Story

Award Winners

We are award-winning independent bottlers, searching for the very best whisky Scotland has produced, past and present. We bottle exceptional spirit from world famous distilleries as single cask expressions as well as blending our own favourite styles, offering them to our deserving clients.

Over the years, we’ve spent months travelling around Scotland, learning the industry and building relationships. We’ve immersed ourselves in samples, tasting, testing and experimenting with all the exclusive casks they have to offer. Our end goal is to uncover, bottle and create the very best single malt, single cask and blended whisky for the ever-expanding global marketplace to enjoy.

Worldwide Distribution

Our extensive knowledge of the whisky market and the relationships we’ve built over the years have put our sourcing skills of all things whisky, right at the forefront of the market. This enables us to source the widest range of quality whisky casks, bottles, and related products at the lowest possible prices. Today, we export our bottles across not only the UK, but the globe.

Our inhouse team of designers, resourcers and consultants can hold your hand through your bottling journey. We work with private clients worldwide looking to design and bottle a whisky of their own, this could be for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement or simply to bottle their favourite dram! We also work with the hospitality industry looking to strengthen their brand by designing and bottling their own whisky.


Our in-house team of designers, sourcers and consultants have a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. The team can hand hold you through your bottling journey.


Our team’s market experience stretches to the early 2000’s. Our extensive knowledge of the whisky market and relationships we’ve built over the years has put our sourcing of all things whisky, right at the forefront of the market.


We have helped and advised many independent bottlers and private clients to bottle their whisky and get their products to market. Our simple yet effective approach never disappoints.

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