The Secret Series no.2 - 29 Year Old
The Secret Series no.2 - 29 Year Old
The Secret Series no.2 - 29 Year Old
The Secret Series no.2 - 29 Year Old

The Secret Series no.2 - 29 Year Old

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Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Single Cask

Spirit strength: 44.8%
Cask strength: Yes
Single Cask: Yes
Distilled: 21/5/1992
Bottle size: 700ml
Distillery: 57.3434° N, 3.3386° W
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Tasting Notes

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No wonder we at Vintage Bottlers are highly delighted to be able to offer this 29-year-old rendition of a Speyside classic as the second in our series of 'secret' single malt whiskies. A revered, historic name among malts ever since the distillery became the first legal still along its stretch of the river in 1824. The fact that the whisky has been in almost continuous production for nearly 200 years speaks volumes for its unchanging virtues and a loyal following that now stretches around the globe.

Against a hint of background smokiness, toffee and toasted marshmallow dominate the palate, while a long, dry, velvety finish culminates in a further caramel sweetness. The whole adds up to a deeply satisfying, gently warming spirit, the result of the lantern-shaped stills with their long, narrow necks.

For some, the Spey means one of the world's finest salmon and trout rivers. But for malt aficionados, it is surely no coincidence that the Gaelic name is Uisge Spe. By far the greater part of production at the distillery, near Ballindalloch, is marketed as a single malt, the remainder being used as a vital component of owner Pernod Ricard's portfolio of blends. The malt is the second best-selling globally, and number one in the USA.

This 29-year-old exemplar of the renowned Speyside tradition has already become a firm favourite with us, and we look forward to sharing with you a sublime showcase of the distiller's art.

Colour: Pale Lemon

Nose: Creamy vanilla with secondary notes of burnt sugar

Palate: Overwhelmingly confectionery with a blend of sweet toffee and toasted marshmallow

Finish: Long, dry and velvety with very end note of further caramel sweetness

More of a Speyside classic. Very smooth, oozing warmth. A highly satifying ‘comfort’ whisky during a difficult winter!

By Gordon Coxhill, Whisky Enthusiast & Journalist

This is a secret but here’s a clue! 57.3434° N, 3.3386° W

Barrel – Single Cask